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Power of Powers Foundation

Free Healing for Covid-19 Patients

Power of Powers Foundation helps and supports every human infected by Covid-19 or its variants to get healed by our sister concern Sekhem Healing Centre.

Free Healing for All

Power of Powers Foundation helps and supports every human in need to get healed by our sister concern Sekhem Healing Centre.

Education for All

Power of Powers Foundation helps and supports people for their kids to study in educational programs offered by our Sister Concern Astra Edutech.

Eradicating Extreme Hunger

Power of Powers Foundation is aiming to help and support each and every human by providing them food eradicating the the problem of extreme hunger.

Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Power of Powers Foundation aims to help, support and empower women to establish Gender Equality

Reducing Child Mortality

Power of Powers Foundation aims to help and support children in their healthy living to reduce child mortality.

Together We Will Make Change

Take a Stand for Humanity!

Power of Powers foundation, based at Jaipur (India) was formed by the Founders of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited. We are a family of world’s most powerful and advanced energy healers. The science we use is limitless and makes almost everything and anything possible. We call it as Power Of Powers.(our unique invention). We have been involved into lot of diversified charity work personally and have also healed more than 6000 COVID-19 patients for free and everyone survived. Then we decided to form a proper NGO to carry on this charity work on a large scale to bring a change in the society. Now we plan to partner with like minded corporate, NGOs and various stage holders to develop sustainable, enduring and effective CSR initiatives. We offer our services globally. All our services and programs are available online and offline both modes.

What We Do?

Your Support Can Help Us Continue Our Mission!

Make A Donation

To support our mission and help in our causes to support the needy people across the world, you can make a donation if you wish to do so. This will qualify you for a tax exemption under section 80G.


Anyone who wants to help the needy people in any way and is looking for getting associated with a genuine organisation, can join us a a volunteer and bring changes in lives of many people across the globe.

Donation In Kind

By donating in kind to Power of Powers Foundation for people (please note that these donations are not eligible for tax deduction under section 80g), you turn your unsold items or services into donations for vulnerable people. And you let your customers and employees know of your awareness and commitment towards social causes in India.

Corporate Sponsorship

We invite the corporates to sponsor our mission so that we can help the needy people across the world and make their life beautiful.


We invite the influential people to join us and help our mission by spreading awareness about our mission through posting on their social media accounts about our mission. Also they can do this through their public appearance. We will be organising a special programs to make this happen.

CSR Funding

We invite corporates for CSR Funding so that we can help the needy and make an impact on scale. This will help us make the lives of people beautiful.


We invite individuals to become our affiliates who can willingly promote our mission and campaigns

Meet our Awesome


Vandana Sharma

(Founder & Chairperson)

Ajay Sharma

(CO-Founder, Managing Director & CEO)

Harshit Sharma

(CO-Founder, Director & COO)

Ayush Sharma

(CO-Founder & Nominated Director)

About Sekhem Healing Centre

Sekhem Healing Centre was founded by Mrs. Vandana Sharma, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma and Mr. Harshit Sharma with an aim to bring awareness about the wonderful  science of healing around the globe. Team at Sekhem Healing Centre uses a unique technique invented by them known as “Power of Powers”. The “Power of Powers” is a healing modality which uses the purest form of the most powerful divine energy. It is limitless – no boundaries. It makes almost everything and anything possible.    

Their goal is to help those numerous people who needs their lives to be healed.

Sekhem Healing Centre is a place where one can transform and heal is/her entire life.

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